On December 1st, 2022 we started Bylsem.com, new software as a service for employees and contractors to report their time worked.


We did come up with an idea for a new service in the "time reporting space" in the fourth quarter of 2021. Our domain was registered on 2021-12-05 and the first commit in our main repository is from 2021-12-06. So we manage to release almost precisely a year from that.

Month to launch

For 30 days leading to the launch we have started to warm up out social networks with daily posts with countdown and simple benefit of Bylsem.

All launch cards in one image.

You can check all of them on Mastodon, twitter, facebook or linkedIn.

State of Bylsem now

For now, Bylsem is ready to be used by early adopters, users can setup Bylsem for their organization, report time, review, export to excel, and freeze days before a specific date to avoid changes.

You can subscribe to Bylsem globally via Paddle with 30 days free trial period.

We do send notifications about rejected records and significant team changes.

Close Future

You can check our roadmap, we have plenty of stuff in backlog, but we need some users too. It is not that important do have fully automated user removal, without any users… 🙂

Therefore, we will focus on marketing, improving our website, focusing on our blog and social networks, and cleaning up stuff looking bad on screenshots and making first impressions worst. We would like to prepare some more manual pages, a Youtube channel with some content, and so on.

Go check Bylsem

We will appreciate any feedback.