We offer new software for reporting time worked on projects activities. There is already a bunch of available apps, but we are willing to take more radical and direct approach to user experience and performance.

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Reporting time worked should be as fast and unremarkable as possible, your colleagues and collaborators should not waste their time and your money in our app. Go and do something nicer!

More of everything

Users can be reporting time for one organization and administer second organization and be client of third organization at the same time, we are supporting this concurrence of roles by design.


We are considering ourselves as small but global product, all times are in UTC, we are using global standards and simple english to increase usability for non-native speakers.


We are choosing our stack and design fo increase performance and minimize resources consumed on server and client side of our web application. Small and fast is the best. But we will also find a way how to be responsible and green, probably via carbon offsetting and some social charity.


Features and pricing

Good plan Bigger plan
Free trial period 30 days 30 days
User can report time worked
See and export report for user
See and export report for project
Freeze project to keep consistency
Support by email
Active user limit 25 100
Active project limit 25 100
25 USD per monthfor organisation 100 USD per monthfor organisation

Our intention to keep all plans functionally identical and only limit them by usage.



Protection from bots

We have added protection from bots to registration.

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Our YouTube channel and first video

We have published video about initial Bylsem setup.

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Ecologi two years badge

We have received Ecologi badge for 2 years of climate impact.

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Bylsem.com is an alternatve

You can find Bylsem on AlternativeTo.

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Bylsem.com launch

How did we decide to launch Bylsem. Social media campaign, state of development and such.

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